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You’ve probably seen people tapping on tv…..on talk shows, and informational fare, whereby you saw emotional release occur from tapping on the side of your hand and your face.  How can this be, you wonder? Could it be this simple???

Actually, it can.  EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques was created by Gary Craig in about 1994.  It hs since circled the world innumerous times and is becoming more and more accepted as a new way to approach emotional blocks that keep us from being all we can be.

I am Pamela Leigh Powers, author of “Chinese Power Animals – Archetypes of Transformation”, now in it’s second printing.  The book explains how the 12 animals we know define our birth year – year of the Dragon, Year of the Rooster, etc – are actually archetypes of the meridians – channels of energy – which acupuncturists use to place their needles and release blocks.  So too, by tapping on the beginning and ending points of these meridians, do we do essentially the same thing.

I have a website, http://www.acumindeft.com, whereby you can read more extensively about EFT. In the meantime, this blog will literally tap you into current events and provide sample scripts to help you learn EFT and use it for yourself.  Enjoy!

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